83 Main Road Hope,
Hope 7020
New Zealand

About Ewing Poultry

Ewing Poultry is a family owned and operated farm that has focused on producing quality eggs Since 1981. Lloyd and Gwen, with their three young children, moved from North Otago where they were farming sheep and cattle, to their poultry farm in Nelson. At this time the farm was an older style mid-sized farm and Lloyd and Gwen operated their business with the help of one full time and one part time staff.

Back in the ‘80’s the poultry industry was heavily regulated with the requirement to own entitlement numbers and this limited how many hens we could farm. In the late ‘80’s the poultry industry was deregulated which meant restrictions were lifted and we could farm as many hens as we wanted and no longer needed to sell our eggs through a marketing board. This was a huge change in the industry and we were now responsible for the sale of our eggs direct to the markets.

SPCA Blue Tick

The SPCA Blue Tick® Accreditation Scheme is the only 100 percent independent animal welfare accreditation in New Zealand, independent from the food and farming industries and run by SPCA New Zealand. The SPCA Blue Tick® certification logo offers consumers the assurance that the product has been farmed to SPCA’s high farm animal welfare standards.

Look out for the SPCA Blue Tick® on our Sungold Organic free range 10 pack and 6 pack, Golden Downs Organic free range dozen and 6 pack, Quail Valley Free Range dozen,twin, size 7 10pac, Kilo pack and tray’s,Doug’s free range mixed dozen, Doug’s free range size 5 dozen and Ewing barn/cage free range and Sungold barn/cage free dozen and 6 pack 20s

Our Team

From small beginnings we now have over 45 staff, including both full time and part time, working in a variety of areas to cover all the tasks that are involved in running a business from growing chickens, making the feed for our hens, looking after the hens on both of our farms, collecting, grading and packing our eggs, making pasteurized egg pulp for our bakeries, packing and delivering orders to our markets and making sure the shelves in our supermarkets are kept full so our customers always have a choice from the full range of eggs that we produce.

Our Products

Ewing Poultry is producing free range eggs, free range organic eggs and barn eggs these are all certified and farmed at their Quail Valley Free Range Farm near Nelson, New Zealand. You will see these in your Local supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and weekend market. We pride ourselves on supporting community.