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About Us

about-img1Ewing Poultry is a family owned and operated farm that has focused on producing quality eggs since 1981.   Lloyd and Gwen, with their three young children, moved from North Otago where they were farming sheep and cattle, to their poultry farm in Nelson. At this time the farm was an older style mid-sized farm and Lloyd and Gwen operated their business with the help of one full time and one part time staff.

Back in the ‘80’s the poultry industry was heavily regulated with the requirement to own entitlement numbers and this limited how many hens we could farm. In the late ‘80’s the poultry industry was deregulated which meant restrictions were lifted and we could farm as many hens as we wanted and no longer needed to sell our eggs through a marketing board. This was a huge change in the industry and we were now responsible for the sale of our eggs direct to the markets.

The past thirty-five years has seen major changes and we have modernized and upgraded, constantly working to provide our hens with a better standard than what is required by the industry code of welfare.

chicken-1In 2005 we saw the growing demand for free range eggs and after considerable time looking about for a suitable site we found a small dairy farm in Belgrove which we purchased and converted to a free range egg farm. Our focus over the past 10 years has been on growing this free range site to make sure we always have sufficient free range eggs to meet our markets. On our Belgrove site we also produce organic eggs and sell these to markets both in New Zealand and overseas.

We buy our chicks in after they’re hatched and rear them in specially designed sheds. All our chicks and hens are fed on feed we make ourselves and we can be sure that their feed is all natural GE free grains, fresh and of the highest quality. We don’t add any antibiotics and haven’t done so for over 25 years. Our focus is on ensuring our chickens are healthy and happy by excellent hygiene and a natural diet.

Ewing Poultry is committed to continuing as a family business and our son Paul, along with his wife Jill, have bought into the farm and now manage it with Lloyd and Gwen still working in support roles.  Now the third generation is also working also their parents and grandparents to provide the future of the business.

about-img2Our Vision Statement over the years has been Quality, Service and Innovation and we constantly strive to keep ahead of the changes in the egg industry, the requirements of our customers and ensure we offer the best service available to our markets.


  • providing high quality, safe eggs
  • providing choice
  • welfare of our hens
  • our environment
  • feeding our growing population