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New Zealand


chicken-2Ewing Poultry is producing free range eggs, free range organic eggs and barn eggs these are all certified  and farmed at their Quail Valley Free Range Farm near Nelson, New Zealand.  You will see these in your Local supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and weekend market.  We pride ourselves on supporting community. 

We are SPCA Blue Tick® high animal welfare approved for the following brands. Look out for the SPCA Blue Tick® on our eggs!

Ewing Poultry

Ewing Poultry Barn Dozen mixed, Ewing Dozen 7’s, and Ewing barn/cage free tray 20s

Quail Valley Free Range

Quail Valley Free Range, Dozen, 6 pack, 10 pack, Kilo pack, and tray 20s


Sungold Barn style dozen, 6 pack

 sungold-cage (1)

Doug’s Free Range

Doug’s free range mixed dozen, Doug’s free range size 5 dozen


Betty’s Barn Eggs

 Betty’s Barn mixed 10 pack, Betty’s Barn Size 7 10 pack

And for our organic – Golden Downs & Sungold

Golden Downs Organic free range dozen and 6 pack
Sungold Organic free range 10 pack and 6 pack